Hope in Tottenham’s four core programmes of Counselling, Mentoring, Youth and Engagement, strengthen community resilience and cohesion in one of Britain’s most volatile and diverse urban areas. Our staff are predominantly local residents who can lever extensive social capital from a strong volunteer base. We aim to represent excellent value as a perfect social investment opportunity.

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David Harding With Hope in Tottenham Host Business Workshop at Haringey Sixth

In a one-hour session, the veteran construction consultant delivered a masterclass for Haringey Sixth Form Business and Construction students, showcasing their commitment to the HiT...Read more

HIT Brings Commander Dr Alison Heydari’s ‘Behind the Badge’ Tour to Haringey Sixth

In the second stop for Commander Alison Heydari’s ‘Behind the Badge’ Q&A lectures, the most senior Black Female Officer in the UK talked Careers, Research,...Read more

Hannah Whitehead Announced as HiT Development Manager

In an intimate launch surrounded by close friends, Hannah Whitehead moves from her post as Community Manager at St James in Muswell Hill to Hope...Read more

MACE Delivers Employment Workshop to Construction Students

In two sessions delivered to over 60 students, MACE Graduate Engineer, Gabriel Ross showcased work opportunities to CONEL’s NVQ Construction and Trade Students. Without a...Read more

HiT takes its safeguarding responsibilities very seriously. To view our policy and relevant officials that uphold it please click here.