Hope in Tottenham’s borough leading counselling programme received a heartfelt testimonial this month, with a student highlighting how their time in counselling has affected them.

 By Omar Alleyne-Lawler, Communications Manager

As the spring term draws to a close, Hope in Tottenham’s Counsellors have been reflecting on the successes of their year so far.

For one counsellor, Jo, their feedback was especially positive. In a handwritten note by their student, the counsellor was described as the ‘best’ and commended for their listening ability and capacity to understand and care for the child.

a heartfelt letter from a student, to Counsellor Jo.

As the full letter reads. “Dear Jo, thank you for helping me the past nearly two [terms] you have been the best person I have ever spoken to and actually understands the way I feel literally you’ve helped me so much [you’re] the best teacher here well kind of like a teacher. From [redacted, I really appreciate it.”

This latest testimony is one of many collected in the twenty years the programme has run.

Having grown into a programme delivering thirty-one days’ worth of sessions per week, Hope in Tottenham’s Counselling Programme has grown from one school in 2002, to a twenty-seven-school programme in 2022.

Caring for students from a range of learning centres from primary schools to sixth forms, the Counselling Programme cares for students experiencing emotional, social and psychological difficulties.

Around 400 students a year are seen by Hope in Tottenham Counsellors. Initially paired for a term’s worth of care, this can be extended by the school for an additional term. Taking place in face-to-face sessions, Counsellors also engage with entire classes, including teachers as well as families. Working around the student’s timetable, with many Counsellors running drop-in lunchtime services.

Hope in Tottenham is pleased with the progression of the Counselling Programme and is exciting to see it progress further under the Hope in Haringey: Rooted in Tottenham banner.